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We provide exclusive horticultural services throughout India. Akash Nandani Services caters to the need of its clients from the residential, commercial and corporate sectors on a larger scale, providing a sanitized, green environment, that freshens your mood every time you visit. We add glorification to your lifestyle by creating ornamental landscapes and a comfortable environment. The team of gardeners under the leadership of horticulturists and landscape architects at Akash Nandani Services possess in-depth experience of adopting scientific approaches to develop and maintain beautiful gardens.

How We Work

We analyze your available space and tailor a solution that meets your requirements. We have flexible staff who works seamlessly to accommodate your specific requirements. Akash Nandani Services provides a consistent, reliable and budget-friendly program through our proven landscape management plan, quality assurance and standardized chemicals, equipment, and procedures. We offer a comprehensive solution for commercial & industrial landscapes, theme parks, golf courses and many more. Your horticulture investment is best managed by experts at Akash Nandani Services, who is capable of identifying and responding to any need immediately.

What We Provide

When it comes to professional landscape management, Akash Nandani Services is a perfect one-stop solution to your requirements. We provide:

Plant Transplantation:

With this eco-friendly way to treat problematic trees, we have successfully undertaken multiple plant transplanting projects and delivered encouraging results.

Irrigation Installations:

The Landscape environment requires watering of plants at regular intervals. We provide both emergency and scheduled services to ensure your irrigation systems work consistently without any problem.

Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment:

Plants often suffer from hundreds of diseases and pests. Accurate diagnosis is an essential need to prevent long term expensive problems. We have in-depth experience of conducting cost-effective diagnosis and treatment of plants to maintain the decorum.

Experts Who Really Cares:

The staff at Akash Nandani Services comprises of experts with specialized horticulture degrees in education as well as experience in plant fertility and pest management solutions. Fertilization programs and Pest Management are done under the careful supervision of expert horticulturists.

Ground Maintenance Programs:

Akash Nandani Services Experts provides effective ground maintenance programs at regular intervals which vary from season to season or every month. We combine cost-control into intelligent landscape management solutions.

Our Expertise:

  • Integrated Project Management
  • Landscape Design
  • Lawn Renovations
  • Nursery Maintenance
  • Theme Parks
  • Trimming and Mowing Lawns
  • Monitoring Plant Growth
  • Tree Plantations
  • Grass Sporting Areas 

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