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Industrial Manpower Services

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Human Resources is the key ingredient to growth in every organization. With the consistent growth of the industrial sector in India from the past decade, there is a massive requirement of manpower across all industrial verticals. At Akash Nandani Services, we provide efficient manpower solutions to industrial plants, factories, etc. based on the proficiency of skills required by the organization, within stipulated time-frames. All personnel suggested by Akash Nandani Services undergoes a background verification with proper documentation.

We categorize Industrial Manpower Services into three broad categories:-

  • Skilled Manpower Service:

When it comes to hiring professionals with technical skills, we are pioneers in finding the desired candidates for your organization. Our manpower services are inclined to cater to diverse technical expertise in core industry verticals like Manufacturing,  Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumental, Petroleum, etc. Akash Nandani Services stringently examines core competencies and technical skills of candidates across diverse verticals before recommending them to clients. Our team at Akash Nandani Services holds in-depth knowledge and expertise in diverse domains and possess industry experience for notable duration.

  • Semi-Skilled Manpower Service:

Semi-skilled personnel is the bridge between skilled & unskilled manpower. They work as assistants of skilled professionals. They have a basic understanding of the work allotted under the guidelines and supervision of the skilled workers, on a defined work routine. Akash Nandani Services emerges as a top contender in providing semi-skilled manpower services to various organizations across India. At Akash Nandani Services, candidates are required to go through preliminary interviews to test their complete potential before their selection.

  • Un-Skilled Manpower Service:

Akash Nandani Services provides un-skilled manpower under government compliances. Un-skilled labor is generally associated with extreme physical work required across diverse industries. Akash Nandani Services is on a consistent lookout for healthy candidates when it comes to unskilled manpower service, as this category deals with immense physical activity under any weather conditions.

How Do We work?

We adopt a unique methodology to provide the most desired workforce in accordance with the specified job profile.

Akash Nandani Services conducts preliminary meetings with its clients to determine the exact requisites of job profiles required by the organization. Based on the criteria of workforce requirements, we explore our massive database of candidates which matches  the relevant skill sets required for the job profile. A screening test is conducted for candidates on the basis of skill-sets, behavior, communication skills and other criteria. Upon clearing the test, candidates are required to undergo a medical examination at authorized health centers. Selected candidates are background verified and shortlisted. At Akash Nandani Services, we achieve the timely accomplishment of recruitment procedures by adopting certain parameters. The consistent efforts of the team at Akash Nandani Services play a significant role in achieving success in providing the best industrial manpower services throughout India.

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