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IT - Services (Information Technology)

Are You Struggling With Technology Issues At Home or Office?

We stand at the forefront to help our clients overcome all tech-related issues. Akash Nandani Services is a trusted name in the IT services spectrum, providing faster world-class services to esteemed clients all over India. With the revolution of the Internet in the 21st century, technology has amassed 80% of the population, providing convenience in people’s lives. Some of the dimensions we cover are as follows:

CCTV Camera Installation and Repairing:

Surveillance is a prime necessity for your safety. We protect your home or office with surveillance cameras, equipped with specially tailored solutions. We provide CCTV Camera installations to all types of architectural facilities like residential as well as corporate buildings. Our professionals are trained to analyze every direction of infiltration and installing camera units so that you don’t miss anything even at the blink of your eye. Apart from camera installations, we also repair damaged cameras. Our certified engineers held the key expertise in repairing all types of surveillance camera units.

GPS Tracking:

Akash Nandani Services provides innovative GPS tracking services so that you can track and manage your assets effectively. Our tracking system provides full control and access from any device guaranteeing unmatched quality and reliability to our clients. Tested for quality and efficiency, our GPS tracking system has to pass a series of experiments until the last stage to prevent all types of shortcomings. Our GPS tracking system proves to be a cornerstone of successful fleet management providing real-time reports, improved delivery time, driver accountability, reduced costs, and maintenance alerts.

Database Management:

With the surge of tremendous volumes of data from multiple sources in diverse formats, it appears as a critical challenge for organizations to store and manage data. We offer a robust and efficient database management system to resolve your data worries which helps your business to lead from the front. We implement the best-suited solutions after performing a complete evaluation of your organizational requirements and goals. Our Data Management Experts have in-depth knowledge and experience to address modern data management needs by leveraging Big Data Analytics to ensure your data remains safe and easy to work on.

Computer Repairing:

We provide efficient and cost-effective hardware support services with state-of-art hardware repairing facility. Our certified hardware engineers can diagnose PC issues swiftly and provide the best solution to sort out your hardware-related woes. We are capable to perform motherboard and chip-level repairs on an enterprise level. Our services cater to both warranty and non-warranty products. Our PC-support extends to all kinds of personal computers – Desktops, Laptops, and All-in-one Computers, etc.

Website Development:

Do you have a business website?
We create elegant websites as per your business requirements. Having a robust website creates more business opportunities. We use multiple frameworks and CMS like PHP, WordPress, CodeIgnitor, Laravel, etc. with the best procedures. Our Web developers use clean code to build dynamic websites that suit your business. Every website is tested for its efficiency before deployment.

Digital Marketing:

We help you market your business online so that your target customers find you easily. We adopt advanced SEO procedures to list your business with better organic rankings on the search engine results. Our PPC experts help with the best lead generation campaigns according to your budget. With your business visible on the web results, we assure growth in terms of ROI.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is a powerful tool to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. We use multiple social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. to build attention to your brand. More than a billion people are on social media. We create engaging content which matches the business tone and context to build a community around your business. Promoting your business online brings your audience closer to you, which enhances your relationship with your customers.

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