Maintenance Services

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Akash Nandani Corporate Services provides affordable home maintenance services so that you can bundle up your savings with routine tune-ups. We have displayed a high degree of efficiency in maintaining client’s facilities and equipment to ensure comfort and safety. Our approach does not limit to repairs rather we look beyond to include predictive and corrective maintenance with life cycle management including fresh air quality and environmental health quality and safety. 

Our expertise lies in scaling the exact requirements of our clients and providing the best maintenance solution. Akash Nandani Corporate Services consist of a customer support system, cost management and work order, which is streamlined to function and deliver world-class quality service.

Our maintenance services are designed for every type of properties, whether it is a residential building or a commercial property, which requires full-time services, deploying of maintenance engineers on-site, or other required services. Apartments above 20,000 sq feet require an instant response system, up-keeping of plumbing, electrical and mechanical facilities, or general building maintenance services. For smaller sites, we have a provision of deploying mobile maintenance services, in which we offer a broad dimension of services which includes plumbing, lighting, quality on-site inspections, preventive maintenance and cleaning, and repair works.

We also provide maintenance and cleaning services to small buildings that have a periodic requirement of cleaning and repairs. This service is best for leased properties with flexibility not limited to broad or limited requirements.

What We Cover?

Appliances Cleaning And Maintenance:

We inspect both for proper functioning & wear and tear of a diverse range of electronic appliances, where our experts’ examines gas and water leaks, excessive noise, and cleans internal components of appliances to ensure your appliances run safely and efficiently.

HVAC Maintenance:

We ensure your installed HVAC systems are functioning at its best. Akash Nandani Corporate Services maintains all types of brands dealing with HVAC systems. With Akash Nandani Corporate Services, you get the following services.

  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Mini-Split System Maintenance
  • Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

On-Site Commercial Property Maintenance:

We provide break-through maintenance programs for extensive commercial properties. Property types that are suitable for on-site commercial property maintenance include Commercial High-Rise Buildings, Corporate Office Campuses, Data centers, Warehouses, And Manufacturing Facilities.

Mobile Maintenance And Cleaning Services:

Akash Nandani Corporate Services’s mobile maintenance services are effective for properties in a mid-sized area. Property types that are suitable for mobile maintenance services include Banks, Utility Sub-Stations, Movie Theaters, Concerts & Live Shows, Events And Expos, etc.

Small Property Maintenance:

This service is offered to buildings that do not require regular maintenance services. Properties suitable for this maintenance service include Grocery Stores, Retail Outlets, Trade Fairs, Beauty Salons, Cold Storage Facilities, etc.

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