Support Staff and Pay-Roll

Support Staff and Pay-Roll Services

Payroll and Support Staff Services

Payroll is not just about paying wages to employees. Managing payroll in an organization is challenging as it is a resource-draining task consuming hundreds of hours in computation, complying with the rules and regulation including documentation. Akash Nandani Corporate Services is one of the renowned payroll and support service providers in India, which assist a number of businesses on local as well as national levels. We have a wholly-owned network of payroll experts, which helps you to minimize risks.

How Akash Nandani Corporate Services Helps You? 

Payroll Processing: 

At Akash Nandani Corporate Services, we use robust technology for computing wages keeping an account for wage rates, the difference in shifts, overtime pay, holiday pay, etc. with taxes and necessary benefit deductions.

TDS Processing:

Tax Deduction at source is the amount deducted from the salary before paying. Calculation of TDS, Deduction of TDS from Salary, and Depositing the Tax to the government every month is very important to compute it in an error-free manner to avoid penalties by the government.

Employee Self Service:

A Web-based application that enables employees to edit and manage their job-related information by themselves. The benefits of ESS include Less Paperwork, Accuracy, Data Double Check, Direct Communication, Decreased Chances of Penalties. At Akash Nandani Corporate Services, we provide ESS at competitive prices available in the market.

ESI Act:

ESI and PF are mandatory compliances introduced by the department of labor law. It is important for all businesses or organizations to abide by the rules and regulations under the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 and the State Employees Insurance Act, 1948 every month at the time of paying salary.

Labour Welfare Fund: 

Created to ensure support for the social assistance of the workers, labor welfare funds are of 5 categories to provide facilities like medical care, housing, educational and recreational, etc. to workers.

 Minimum Wages Act: 

This Act signifies every company in India requires to pay specified minimum wages to the specified category of employee, from time to time, as notified by the labor law department.

Payment of Gratuity Act:

This payment is deducted from an employee every month and functions as a retirement benefit because the total accumulated amount is paid to the employee after his or her retirement.

Payment of Wages Act:

The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 is adopted to ensure proper payment of wages is made to the employees without any delay or un-authorized deduction in salaries.

Professional Tax:

Similar to Income Tax, this tax is collected by the respective state governments.  However, the amount of deduction differs in different Indian states.

At Akash Nandani Corporate Services, we are liable to the rules and regulations abided by the government of India and we commit to provide you an error-free payroll computational service within the stipulated duration.

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