Telecom Rigger Services

Telecom Rigger Services

Telecom Rigger Services

We specialize in providing end to end network rigging services to telecom companies and vendors across India. Our world-class services are recognized by major telecom giants, which is made possible by our fast-paced teams. Akash Nandani Corporate Services is a market leader in delivering a wide range of telecom rigger services ranging from 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks, according to client’s requirements.

With years of experience in network rigging vertical, we are inclined to provide quality installation services and swift delivery rates which make us shine apart from our competitors. While cost-effectiveness plays an important role in benefiting our esteemed clients,  we ensure you get best-in-class services according to your planned budget. The team at Akash Nandani Corporate Services possess a comprehensive understanding of the communication industry’s RF requirements and functionality.

Potential capabilities of experts at Akash Nandani Corporate Services include antenna placements, orientation, and alignment, power and lightning protection, cable transmissions and grounding. Akash Nandani Corporate Services takes pride in employing the best team of telecom riggers in the country.

WHAT DO YOU GET WITH Akash Nandani Corporate Services?

Network Survey And Planning:

For the purpose of network design, Survey and Planning is the crucial part. To increase capacity and coverage, telecom operators need to maximize the value of network resources. Network planning involves futuristic planning or making a provision for compatibility with innovative technologies in the near future.

Installing And Commissioning:

Includes activities that make a transmission site operational or to function as a composition of the telecommunication network, which includes installing of antennas and antenna lines, commissioning and integration of base stations, We also provide support for the integration as per the procedures and client requirements.

Network Testing & Optimizing:

Get the best of your network investment with Akash Nandani Corporate Services. Our testing and commissioning services help clients enjoy extraordinary network performance and end-user experience. With our optimization services, we keep a track of key network performance indicators like call drops, call success rates, congestion levels & improvement in coverage.

In-building Solutions & WiFi:

At Akash Nandani Corporate Services, we offer in-building solutions to extend and distribute network signals where mobile phones are unable to receive signals from the operator’s macro network. We provide in-building cellular enhancement system that connects with the signal’s source in the network. In addition, we provide routing of RF, routing of Power, Grounding,  Fibre cable interconnectivity, Integration, and Testing.

Rig Maintenance:

Maintenance services include regular monitoring, operation, and up-gradation of network equipment to ensure high performance is maintained at all quality levels. With our full-fledged team of professionals and extensive experience, we are able to scale new heights in providing world-class quality of telecom rigger services to our clients.

Akash Nandani Corporate Services Work With A No-Compromise Policy On Quality To Building A Sustainable Relationship With Our Clients.

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